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Bexley SNAP’s vision is to be an organisation where disabled children, young people and their families are enabled to lead full and fulfilling lives.

Our main aims are to: 

  • Maintain and develop the range and quality of existing services for disabled children and families.
  • Ensure that SNAP continues to be parent and child led. 
  • Ensure SNAP continues to be needs focused based on national and local priorities.
  • Ensure that SNAP continues to be experienced, by families, as responsive and approachable.

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Toddler exploring food textures | Bexley SNAP

Toddler exploring water play | Bexley SNAP     

     Toddler with Downs Syndrome holding a painted wooden dowel | Bexley SNAP




What really helped me was to discover that I was not alone and that there were many other parents/carers just like me, with one or more disabled children to care for.



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